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How to Register a Domain for Your Website!

How to Register a Domain for Your Website!



How to Register a Domain for Your Website!

Source: Dreamhost

How to Register a Domain for Your Website!

If you want to set up a new website, one of the first things you’ll need is a domain. That means picking out a name, choosing a registrar to purchase it from, and paying for its use. With the right provider, you can even register your domain and sign up for a hosting plan at the same time, so you can get to work on your site right away.

In this article, we’ll show you how to register a domain while signing up for a DreamHost shared hosting plan. We’ll also explain how the process works if you already have a DreamHost account. It won’t take long, so let’s jump right in!

How to Register a Domain During the Signup Process
Every great website needs a fantastic domain name. If you’re signing up for shared hosting now, you’ll notice that DreamHost enables you to register a domain at the same time. This means that after you sign up, you can get to work on your new website without any delays.

Let’s go over how this process works. The first thing you’ll need to do is create a new DreamHost account using your email address and a secure password.

“Creating an account.”

Then you’re ready to decide what you want your domain name to be. We recommend that you take some time to consider your options since you’ll be using that name for years to come.

Registering a domain.

You can always change domain names later, although the process can be a bit involved. Also, remember there are a lot of Top-Level Domains (TLDs) to choose from. While .com is always a great choice, you also have .club, .io, .org, and hundreds of other possibilities to pick from.

If the domain you choose isn’t available, here’s what you’ll see.

Searching for a domain.

On the other hand, if the domain is up for grabs, you can decide for how long you want to register it.

Domain registration options.

We’ll let you know when the registration period is about to expire (with plenty of notice), so don’t worry about that right now. However, registering your domain for a longer period is always a great idea, so you can take the task of renewing it off your to-do list.

On the next screen, you can decide whether to sign up for a shared hosting plan while you’re on a roll.

How to Register a Domain for Your Website!

Additional domain options.

DreamHost shared hosting is the perfect option if you need to run a single website. These plans support unlimited traffic, you get to use WordPress or our Remixer page builder, and you’ll also receive a free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate.

At this point, all that’s left to do is fill out a few additional forms, and pay for both your new domain and shared hosting plan.

Paying for your domain.

Once you place your order, you’ll get access to your DreamHost Panel. That means you can get to work on your new website right away.

Keep in mind — it can take a while until your domain name “propagates.” Usually, it should be ready in a few hours, although it can take up to a day or two for the records to fully update.

How to Add a Domain to an Existing DreamHost Account
If you’re already a DreamHost shared hosting user, registering a domain is even simpler. You can skip the step of creating a new account, so all you have to do is log in to your DreamHost panel and navigate to the Domains tab on the right.

There, you can take a look at all the domains you’ve already registered with DreamHost within the Manage Domains section.

The Manage Domains page.

When you’re ready to add a new domain to your roster, click on Registrations from the main menu to the left, or go straight for the Register a New Domain button that you can see in the screenshot above.

The process here works just the same as it does for new customers. You can pick any available domain name you want, select a TLD, and specify the length of your registration.

Registering a new domain.

If the domain name you want is available, you can add it to your cart. You can select as many domain names as you want and register them all at once by clicking on the Proceed to Checkout button.

We already should have most of your information on file, of course, so there are fewer forms to fill out this time around.

Adding Whois information.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see an option to use the default DreamHost nameservers, which is the most straightforward option.

Choosing nameservers.

Once you’re ready, proceed to the payment screen. After that, you’ll see your new domain appear under the Domains > Manage Domains tab within your control panel. Remember that it can take a while for new domains to propagate, so if it’s not working just yet, give it a little while and it should be good to go!

Finally, it’s worth noting that you can also transfer a domain you already own over to your DreamHost account. To do that, check out our handy guide on transferring domains.

How to Register a Domain for Your Website!

What’s in a (Domain) Name?
The hard part of registering a domain is coming up with the perfect name. Once you have it — and you’ve made sure it’s available — you can register it in a matter of minutes. If you’re planning on signing up for a hosting plan, that’s the perfect time to take care of domain registration, as well.

Are you ready to register your next domain? With DreamHost, you can register a domain in a matter of minutes, and you get hundreds of extensions to choose from!






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